Riverbend om folkomröstningen i Irak

Riverbend slet uppenbarligen hårt för att få iväg en postning till sin blog Bagdhad Burning dagen innan folkomröstningen i Irak i Söndags. Riverbends post är som alltid personlig och informativ. Läs den.

”So the referendum is tomorrow- well, technically speaking, today. We’ve been having more than the usual power outages. Government officials were saying ‘power problems’, ‘overload’, etc. for the last two days and then suddenly changed their minds today and claimed it was ‘sabotage’. It’s difficult to tell. All we know is that large parts of Baghdad are literally in the dark. We’re currently on generator electricity. Water has been cut off for the last two days with the exception of an occasional dribble that lasts for ten to fifteen minutes from a faucet in the garden. We have a nice big pot under it to catch as much water as possible.”